Site Preparation Is Crucial for Any Build

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Building on uneven land is a recipe for disaster. If you want to complete a safe construction project, you need professional site preparation services. Southern Missouri Construction offers land leveling to help create a safe, even surface for your new build. Whether you're building a home or business building in the Springfield, Republic, Marshfield, or Niangua, MO area, our team is ready to help you start the project right.

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What's included?

There's a lot that goes into preparing a property, and Southern Missouri Construction wants to make the process easier for you. As part of your site preparation, we can...

  • Level the land to create a stable surface for construction
  • Clear brush and debris away from the construction site
  • Dig trenches for necessary electrical and plumbing systems

If you need materials like dirt, stone or mulch delivered to your property, our team can handle that, too. Learn more about our land leveling services by calling 417-840-7363 now.